Recently I have been exposed to golang considering the radical popularity of the language and talks about how it is very efficient in building microservices. I have been learning about microservices and wanted to experience golang as the syntax is comparatively easier and very similar to javascript.

But the question…

Lambda functions are one of the most common services by AWS that comes really in handy. One of the very useful applications is the automation of starting/stopping and upgrading these instances.


You want to start instances for a failover you can use the start and stop instances using lambda…

This series of questions and answers is all you need for all the concept and theory-based questions for your javascript interviews.

Various resources have been used for the reference of the answers of the following question and are mentioned as well for further reference.

Various forms/places you can get this blog.



So the past week I have been learning about clean code and good practice while writing javascript code and wanted to share some of my learnings with you guys this is titled clean javascript code but I think most of the stuff is basic and generic and can be implemented…

Optimizers: They optimize the learning rate in back propagation

Batch Gradient Descent

  • If the have to use online (continuously coming data) learning or the data is huge we dont use batch GD
  • In case we are sending all the data at once.

stochastic Gradient Descent


  • Suppose we have like 1 million record…

So you want to read medium articles and don't want to pay for the subscription. Here’s a way you can do that very easily.

A guy name Manoj Vivek has done a tremendous work of developing this open-source google chrome extension that allow you to do just that without any…

To start with the topic lets first understand what is EDA?

  • Exploratory Data Analysis refers to the critical process of performing initial investigations on the data. This initial investigation is performed to identify any missing values, duplicate values, high cardinality, distribution etc. …

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